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Success Stories

Integrated farming system for sustainable agriculture

1. Background: Shri Chandrashekar B. Patil, S/o Shri Basanagouda Patil of Tabakadahonnihalli village is a B.Com. graduate. He has got 2.83 ha. land with irrigation facility at Tabakadahonnihalli village of Kalaghatagi taluka. Basically he was growing paddy, soybean, rabi sorghum and greengram in his field. Overall his farm income was very low and he was putting lot of effort to increase farm returns. He approached KVK, Dharwad line departments and progressive farmers to gain knowledge and practical experience. In this regard, KVK team guided him with adoptive technologies suited to his farm conditions with regular monitoring and field visits.

2. Intervention Process: Based on his interest and innovative ideas, he has been suggested to go far mixed cropping system in horticulture including banana and arecanut. He is the first person who introduced arecanut crop in the surrounding area. With his untiring and consorted efforts in the field of cultivation of banana and arecanut, he has reaped tremendous out growth resulting in sustainable income. He has under gone training in horticulture field crops sponsored by KVK and line departments which has resulted in breakthrough of yield and profit.

3. Intervention Technology: Shri Chandrashekar B. Patil, highly enthusiastic and innovative farmer is involved in cultivating field crops viz., paddy, soybean, rabi sorghum, greengram, blackgram with more emphasis on horticulture crops such as banana, arecanut mixed cropping, mango. Along the bunds different agro-forestry species such as pongemia-50, amla-10, teak-500, jamun-10, sesum-50, bamboo-500 etc., have been planted. The farmer has animal resources like jursey cow, sheep, bullock and buffaloe. He has utilized agriculture waste for bio-gas, a source of fuel for household utility. Through intervention of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Dharwad, Shri Patil have started using high yielding varieties in soybean and maize, adopted integrated crop management, agri-horti system (mango+maize, tur, avare), mixed cropping system (banana + arecanut), involved in conservation and cultivation of native varieties of kari hesaru (greengram), gaddi uddu (blackgram) and yanigera sorghum, effective water utilization through drip irrigation. He is growing banana through contract farming. A manifold increase in banana production has been evidenced with adoption of better soil management practices and improving the soil productivity using silt and mulching. He has enhanced the fertility of soil by silt introduction and intercropping in mango. The runoff water during the rainy season is collected from an area of 1,000 ha and is naturally stored which is utilized for the horticulture crops during rabi/ summer months. He has managed pest and diseases at zero cost by adopting mulching, dipping of seedlings in neem oil. His exposure and practicability gave him the confidence to move ahead towards his goal of establishing a full-fledged banana and arecanut crop enterprise. Looking into the farmer’s achievements, his success story has been published and popularized through viz., Krishi Kamadhenu, a monthly magazine, Integrated management for sustainable horticulture published by IIHR, Bengaluru, Innovative farmers meet during UAS, Bengaluru, Krishimela 2010, broadcasted/ telecasted in AIR, Dharwad, Television, Doordarshan, Bengaluru, Samaya TV, Suvarna TV. Success can be achieved with perseverance and a determination which was proved in case of Shri Chandrashekar B. Patil. Thus, introduction of Banana – Yelakki, a less popular variety in North Karnataka which was taken as challenge and cultivated in hilly terrain that too in non-traditional area resulted in good response and profits. For his outstanding innovations in the field of horticulture he has been credited with the following awards;

a. National Award-Innovative Farmer Award 2015 instituted by IARI, New Delhi

b. Karnataka state award- “Krishi Pandit-2010-11”

c. State award – “Best Horticulture Farmer award-2014” from Karnataka Veterinary, Animal and Fissheries Sciences University, Bidar, Karnataka

d. Dr. M. H. Marigouda State award – “Best Horticulture Farmer award: 2011-12” at National Krishi Mela, UAS, Bengaluru

e. Participated at National Meet of Innovative Horticultural Farmers by IIHR, Bengaluru during March 17-18, 2011

f. First place in fruit and vegetable exhibition 2010, Department of Horticulture Dharwad

4. Impact Horizontal Spread: Helped in the dissemination of technology in and around the villages of Tabakadahonnihalli.

5. Impact Economic Gains: Motivational interventions and mentoring by scientists of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Dharwad enabled the farmer to establish a framed orchard of banana and arecanut enterprise which has not only resulted in socio-economic security but also helping in attaining food and nutrition security of the community. Before adoption of these technologies, his farm income was Rs. 5,56,000/-. The adoption of innovative technologies through intervention of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Saidapur Farm, Dharwad enhanced his productivity leading to sustainable income of Rs. 8,38,700/- annually.

6. Impact on Employment Generation: Since, the farm activities carried out by this farmer requires man power throughout the year. Hence, minimum of 10-15 men/women labourers are employed on his farm.


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