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Success Stories

Improved Soybean Production Technology

Soybean is an important oilseed crop grown in kharif in Dharwad district. The farmers of Dharwad, Hubli and Kalaghatagi taluk have being growing for last two decades with available local seeds kept preserved during the last season, which are un graded having low vigour, viability and susceptible to many of the pest & diseases. In addition to this most of the farmers are not following the recommended package for its cultivation which reflects on the yield. The rust & blue purple & pests viz., leaf eating caterpillar (spodoptra & semi looper) apart from this pod borer was noticed in the latest stage major constraint due to this yield fluctuates. The farmers are making indiscriminate use of pesticides in combating the pest & disease load that inflicts severe economic damage to the crop. All these factors cause losses up to 15-20%. The farmers cannot afford expensive chemical pesticides nor do they have knowledge about improved cultivation practices.

The Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Dharwad analyzed these constraints and organized several trainings and group discussion & meetings on its improved cultivation practices with special emphasis on use of improved certified seeds JS-335 and pest and disease management.

A few stakeholders among the soybean growers were selected as per ICAR norms, the cluster villages of Dharwad district and front line demonstration along with local check (Moneta) were laid out with improved certified seeds and package of practices such as seed treatment with Rhizobium, PSB and Trichoderma and plant protection measures, such as spraying of Chlorpyriphos @2ml/l, Lambda Cyhalothryn @0.5ml/l and to manage rust disease Hexaconazole @ 1ml/l was used.

This simple practice resulted in better plant population with good vigour and drastic reduction in pest & diseases. The plant population was 90 % in demonstration plot   with good vigour while it was 70% with low vigour in the local check. The pest and disease incidence was brought down to 8% in the demonstration plot as against 20% in the local check. The beneficiaries of soybean demonstration appreciated the interventions made by the KVK and the technology was disseminated to other farmers through extension activities such as field day, which was organized at Narendra on demonstration plot. A few of the farmers exchanged their views on the success of the demonstration. The beneficiaries, realized that the improved    package of practices along with certified seeds (JS-335). As a result the beneficiaries under the demonstration could harvest an average yield of more than 19 q/ha. as against an average yield of 16 q/ha. in the check plot. There was a clear 18.7 % increase over the check, that is normally grown by the farmers in this area. The beneficiaries are happy, because they could raise their form income by Rs. 2,470/ha. by the improved package of practices . Their success has enthused many farmers in the cluster villages of Dharwad, Hubli and Kalaghatagi taluka.


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