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Success Stories

Economic Sustainability by Cultivation of Vegetables
in Dummawad Village of Dharwad District.

Sri. Sangmesh Basarikoppa, has adopted innovative method of cultivating vegetables viz, pendal system for bitter gourd, ridge gourd, sponge gourd and bottle gourd by low cost perennial system. The quality of vegetables is good, allowing the plant/ vine to grow by following pendal system. He also grows tomato by staking method which helps better quality & produce. This also facilitates for monitoring of pest and diseases and harvesting.

Practical utility: Within 25 guntas, the farmer is taking up cultivation of different vegetables like bitter gourd, ridge gourd, sponge gourd and bottle gourd. The vermicompost is used for cultivation of vegetables which gives yield of quality product. Vermicompost required, is produced in the field by brick method. Every three months the production of vermicompsot is 3 tonnes. The yield in 25 guntas is 12.5 qtls. The net income received by cultivation of vegetables is Rs. 90,000/-. High milk yielding HF Cow was introduced to the farmer during February 2010. The net income received through milk yield is Rs. 34,560/- during 2011-12. However this has added input to the vermicompost unit. Azolla unit was also introduced during 2010-11. The feeding of 50-75 g Azolla to the cow has helped in increasing milk yield. The net income of the farmer during 2009-10 (baseline year) was Rs. 219150/- and this increased to Rs. 234340/- during 2010-11 and to Rs. 312450/- during 2011-12.


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