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Success Stories

Roti preparation by SHG of Harobelavadi village

The farm women underwent various training programmes at KVK, Dharwad   such as value addition to food, hygienic aspects in kitchen under Home science section IGA nutritive food during 2006-07 and 07-08.  The women were given various opportunities to take up Income generating activities through the “Food processing income generating activities”.

The women were trained regarding SHG concept and advantages of forming SHG. Realizing the various benefits of forming SHG the women of Harobelavadi formed a “Sri. Veerabhadreshwara Raita Mahileyara Swa Sahaya Sangha” comprising of 10 like minded farm women in the group. The group also received Rs. 3000/- seed money from WYTEP. The women in the group are actively involved in cultural activities such as giving programmes  in the AIR, FM Radio and also they have  taken up sale of ‘ Urja Stove’. The women underwent ‘ Agarabathi training’ on large scale in the village through KVK, Dharwad. They also prepared Agarabathi and sold in the village and neighbouring villages. On an average each woman gained Rs. 600-00 per month. The women later shifted to food processing activities and started preparing roti. Initially rotis prepared were not attractive and thin. The women were guided regarding quality standards, storage and appearance. The women prepared khadak roti from jowar and bajra.

For every kg of bajra / jowar 25 gm of black gram dhal and 50 gm of rice are added during milling for preparation of kadak roti. The SMS (Home Sc.) KVK, Dharwad also provided market linkage to the members of the SHG. The market linkage was provided to the PG hostel of UAS Dharwad and a khanavali. The members then started supplying kadak jowar roties, around 700 to the hostel on every Thursday. On festive days and occasionally they provided bajra roti to the hostel, khanavali and office staff. Successively the demand for soft roties increased and every week they supplied around 500 soft roties to the staff and khanavali. During marriage season, the SHG members regularly sell soft as well as khadak rotis and earn on an average Rs. 2200/- month per individual. The net income received per man hour is Rs. 28-00.

To meet the demand of large number of production the members have purchased Roti making machine. Now the members are interested in taking up associated activities like vegetable pickling and chutney powder making.


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