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Success Stories

Inland fish farming in farm pond

1. Background: Shri Mohamad Khilledar, has got 2.5 ha. land at Gudageri village of Kundagol taluka. Basically he was growing sorghum, chilly, wheat and green gram in his field. His land was sloppy and low land, hence he was losing crop due to over flow. In this regard to overcome this problem, he has constructed farm pond to collect over flow water and utilizing for agriculture purpose. Overall his farm income was very low and he was putting lot of effort to increase farm returns. He approached KVK, Dharwad line departments and progressive farmers to gain knowledge and practical experience. In this regard, KVK team guided him with adoptive technologies suited to his farm conditions and advised to take up fish farming in farm pond as additional income with regular monitoring and field visits

2. Intervention Process: He has under gone inland fish farming in farm pond, training in inland fish farming sponsored by KVK and line departments which has resulted in breakthrough of yield and profit.

3. Intervention Technology: Shri Mohamad Khilledar, highly enthusiastic and innovative farmer is involved in cultivating field crops viz., sorghum, wheat, chilly, green gram. He was utilizing the farm pond only for crop cultivation and other agricultural activities. Through intervention of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Dharwad, Shri Mohamad Khilledar had started fish farming in underutilized farm pond of size 25 m X 20 m X 3.5 m by rearing high yielding varieties of fishes Catla, Rohu and Common carp. Around 6000 fingerlings were reared in farm pond, daily fish feed containing rice husk, groundnut husk and sorghum flour were fed daily for three times a day for eight months, later fishes harvested and they were gained around 0.6 to 0.8 kg body weight at the time of harvest. Total 2000 kg fish production was obtained from 500 m2 farm pond size and he sold fish at the rate of Rs. 75 per kilogram. A manifold increase in fish production and economic status have been evidenced with adoption of fish farming in underutilized farm pond, also reduction in soil erosion, farm pond acted as water reservoir and rainwater harvesting structure to recharge ground water.

4. Impact-Horizontal Spread: Helped in the dissemination of technology in and around the villages of Gudageri.

5. Impact-Economic Gains: Motivational interventions and mentoring by scientists of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Dharwad enabled the farmer to carry out composite inland fish farming in farm pond which has not only resulted in socio-economic security but also helping in attaining food and nutrition security of the community. Before adoption of this technology, there is severe erosion of soil and water, after construction of farm pond this water was being utilized only for crop cultivation and his farm income was Rs. 72,000/-. The adoption of innovative technology through intervention of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Saidapur Farm, Dharwad enhanced his additional income of Rs. 1, 50,000/- by inland fish farming in farm pond.

6. Impact on Employment Generation: Since, the farm activities carried out by this farmer requires man power throughout the year. Hence, minimum of 02-04 men labour are employed in his farm.


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