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Success Stories

Popularization of late kharif onion variety-Bhima Super in Dharwad district

1. Background: Onion (Allium cepa L.) is one of the important commercial vegetable crops grown in India for both domestic consumption and export. In Dharwad district of Karnataka state, onion plays major role in supplementing the income of farmers. The productivity of onion in the district is much lower than the state and national average, mainly because of cultivation under rain fed condition, delayed on set of monsoon and non-availability of high yielding varieties particularly to late kharif season. In this regard popularization of Bhima super variety for late kharif was conducted in Dharwad district.

2. Intervention Process: ICAR-Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Saidapur Farm, UAS, Dharwad conducted adaptive research (OFT) on assessment of onion varieties for two years (2013-15) and frontline demonstration during 2015-16 late kharif season on farmers fields. The technology reaped tremendous growth resulting in sustainable income for the farming community which has resulted in breakthrough of yield and profit.

3. Intervention Technology: Two year on farm testing on assessment of onion varieties was carried out during late kharif season on farmers fields under protective irrigation in five adopted villages viz., Navalgund, Sotaknal, Kadadalli, Ballarwad, Hebballi of Navalgund Tq.of Dharwad district. Three improved varieties(Arka Kalyan, Bhima Super & Bhima Red ) along with one local variety (Bellary Red- check) were evaluated .Based on the performance of Bhima Super variety, five frontline demonstrations of Bhima Super were conducted in the above said villages. All the recommended package of practice was adopted for successful cultivation of the crop. Farm science centre scientists were facilitated in performing the field operations like sowing, manuring, spraying, weeding, harvesting, curing, grading, packing, marketing etc, during the course of training and visits

4. Impact Horizontal Spread: Helped in the dissemination of technology in and around the villages of Navalgund taluk by covering more than 100 ha of land under Bhima super variety. The spread of variety from farmer to farmer has gained momentum annually. The State Department of Horticulture is also encouraging the farmers to take up onion seed production activity by providing incentive of Rs. 10,000 /ac to the farmers which helped in increasing the area under this variety. Seed production is also under taken by seed unit of UAS, Dharwad during 2015-16 through farmers participatory mode, which will helps in expanding the area under this variety.

5. Impact Economic Gains: Motivational interventions and mentoring by scientists of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Dharwad enabled the farmers of Navalgund taluk to attain socio-economic security The adoption of innovative technologies through intervention of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Saidapur Farm, Dharwad enhanced productivity leading to sustainable annual income .The OFT results revealed that Bhima super variety recorded higher yield (296 q/ha), gross returns (Rs. 1,73,834/ha), net returns (Rs. 1,32,650/ha) and B:C ratio of 4.22 compared to others. Further by inclusion of Bhima super variety additional net returns of Rs. 11,366, Rs. 31,542 and Rs. 45,042 over Bhima red, Arka kalyan and Bellary red were gained suggesting its higher profitability and economical viability. Bhima Super variety ranked best as this variety produced good size of bulbs, attractive shape, colour, skin, better yield and market preference compared to other varieties. Similarly under front line demonstration conducted during 2015-16, Bhima Super variety(204 q/ha) has given higher yield (15.04%) compared to Arka Kalyan (177.50 q/ha) with B:C ratio of 2.9 as against 2.6. Hence it can be concluded from the two years on farm testing and one year frontline demonstration that, by adoption of Bhima Super variety during late kharif season, yield potentiality of onion can be increased to a greater extent .

6. Impact on Employment Generation: Besides the economic gain by marketing of the produce ,farmers have taken seed production activities by employing 8-10 men/women labourers with additional income of Rs 80,000/ha.


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